Annette Johnson

Bass guitar, vocals

Annette Johnson is one of the world's few true goddesses. She wields a 5-string bass and a voice that brings down the house night after night. Annette played keyboard in her last band, but while partying with some friends one night she was asked to try playing a little bass. When she did, she found her true calling. "Now I see why everyone loves playing guitar, it feels great getting into the groove with the drummer, and being able to move around, it just somehow breaks down the barrier between me and my audience."  Annette currently rocks a Warwick FNA 5-string bass with a MarkBass amp.

Outside of the band Annette puts her masters degree in administration to work as a consultant that specializes in bringing the arts to communities and arts education to kids in a world that sorely needs to see more of both.

The one original track on the Poetic License CD has gotten so much positive attention that Annette said "We love playing all the songs people want to hear, but we also have a lot of our own experiences and insights to share with our fans." Look for more original material from Annette and George to come out soon.